Used Part Art

For the Creative Upcycle Connoisseur

Meet The Artist: Gregg (3G) Sheldon

Hello, my name is Gregg Sheldon. After earning a BA in Psychology in 2004 I found employment as a social worker and bounced around with several populations, and was drawn to teenagers who were dealt a short stack in life. Many of which were not successful in traditional knowledge based learning, an area in which I too struggled. What I was successful at was figuring out how things worked and when something failed knowing how to repair it. Thus in 2011 I left my social work job, and enrolled in automotive tech school and began the journey to my utopian career goal of auto shop instructor. I graduated tech school and spent the next 5 years in the automotive field soaking up as much info as possible.

Now I had always imagined working for a public school however being an entrepreneur at heart I developed a 20 day curriculum and opened the doors to AutoShop Vocational ( in September 2017. Used Part Art was used to promote the ASV and still is however it has morphed into much more. Thank you for your interest!!

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